About Us


Modern studio is conveniently located in the heart of Dublin`s city centre, just off Henry street known for its variety of shops and shopping venues. It offers all the services you could possibly look for.

Friendly staff will look after your health and beauty in one. Choose from personal weight loss programs, nutrition advice, facial treatments (Gorgeous NS), hair styling (Andrea`s Hair Studio) and massages (BodyBalance Massage)

Our goal is:

✔ Promote a healthy metabolism

✔ Healthy weight loss and set of an optimum weight

✔ Weight loss without any drastic diets and with no Yo-Yo effect

✔ Long term maintenance of weight and fitness achieved

✔ Gradual change of lifestyle

✔ Sense of well-being and joy of life


The Complex Program consists of:

  • Detailed Body Composition Analysis with InBody Analyzer (once per month)
  • Girth/Circumference Measures (Thighs, Hip, Abdomen…) every two weeks
  • Customized/Individual Food Consultation
  • VacuFit – revolutionary fat burning training(treadmill or cross trainer) in a Fat Burning Zone ( 30min of exercise – NO less, NO more )
  • Cavitation – non-invasive liposuction using ultrasound and radio frequency to get rid off stubborn fat CLICK here for latest special offer
  • Vibration Plate – individual exercise plans to tone up based on YOUR results from In-Body analyzer.
  • Rollen Body Shaper – deep tissue massage for cellulite reduction and body forming
  • Lymphatic Drainage – helps with weight loss process by reducing water retention, removing toxins, boosts the immune system
  • Sauna Blanket – for detoxification, muscle relax and pain relief (especially back muscles pain)



After successful Kilroy`s College graduation with the specialization in Sports Nutrition and Personal Training, he established with his life partner Monika in 2011 Slimline Studio. Here he is able to practice his hobby and passion – to help people to be healthy and achieve a healthy weight loss. He loves exercises of all kinds, mostly strenght training, HIIT and basketball.

Petr became devoted to a Ketogenic Diet (also known as LCHF, Low-Carb High-Fat Diet) years back, about which you get to learn in his posts and the website. He dedicates his own personal free time to self-education in this area just so he would be up to date with all new studies and information. Over the years he became a tutor, advisor and provides private consultations to his clients.

Petr has always had a passion for cooking, coming up with his own recipes so the food contained the most of nutritiens and at the same time it was tasty and healthy in all the ways.


Despite of the fact that Monika has a Master Degree in Economics, she always inclined to something different. After the studio opening and after Sports Nutrition studies she was sure that she wants to help people with their health and esthetic side as well.

She is naturally friendly person, dedicated and the loving force that shines from her you will be able to sense after the first contact. She loves swimming, working out with her own body weight and her special ab&bum exercises you will just have to love. Thanks to her figure and personal energy you wouldn`t say that she is after two childbirths of her two little girls Nina&Nela.

As a fulltime mum, she likes creating the new recipes specially made for her children and the whole family.