Revolutionary Fat & Cellulite reduction


  • – Cryolipolysis is a revolutionary, non-surgical alternative to traditional liposuction
  • – The treatments are non-invasive, painless and you will achieve amazing results when incorporated with a healthy lifestyle
  • – The treatment is broken down into 3 options; Cryolipolysis for fat reduction, Cavitation (ultrasound) for disturbing the fat cells and Radio Frequency for skin tightening
  • – Each treatment takes between 60 – 120 minutes, this includes 30min of Lymphatic Drainage massage
  • – Results are visible from anywhere between 1- 3 months of starting the treatment.

Frequently asked questions:

How does the Cryolipolysis Fat & Cellulite reduction works?

The system gives clients several options and combinations to target and treat stubborn fat areas and cellulite. The options are Cavitation and Cryolipolysis for loosing inches, Radio Frequency for skin tightening.

Cryolipolysis involves controlled freezing of fat cells, the body naturally disposes of the dead fat cells over the ensuing weeks and months.

Ultrasound Cavitation uses ultrasound to rupture fat cells; this turns the cells into liquid which is carried away by the body as a waste product. This is used for inch loss and fat pocket reduction.

Radio Frequency generates energy that penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the skin tissue.  The heating process results in immediate contraction of collagen fibers, at the same time, new collagen is produced. This gives a tighter and firmer appearance to the skin.

cryo2Is the Cryolipolysis treatment painful?

The treatment can cause a little discomfort. There may also be some transient redness and numbness and some bruising. These are only temporary discomforts.

Will the treatment work for me?

As the treatment gives several options and combinations to target and treat stubborn fat and cellulite we are able to successful treat patients who all have different aims.

When will I see results?

As each treatment and client is different, and treatment courses will depend on the client and the results they wish to get but we suggest;

  • With Cryolipolysis you have one single treatment and results can take 1-3 months to show2.2-how-cryo-works-2
  • With Ultrasound Cavitation we recommend that you have 3 to 6 treatments, at weekly intervals. You will see results after each session (normally up to 1 inch)
  • With Radio Frequency we suggest that clients have 3 to 6 treatments with noticeable results after each session. You can see results after each treatment but they will not be overly noticeable at the beginning of the course.


Cryolipolysis+Cavitation+RF (app.120mins) ….€359

Cryolipolysis (75-90mins) ….€259

Cavitation+RF (70mins) ….€149


All treadments include 30mins. of Lymphatic drainage.