Medical Research

An independent research indicated, that applying underpressure inside of a hermetic VacuFit capsule sensationally improves blood circulation in the lower parts of the body, where in the most cases adiposal tissue is being accumulated. The underpressure applied in the device improv
es fat burning during light training on the treadmill. Researches proven, that during 30-minute training on the treadmill closed inside the VacuFit capsule, with an average speed of 4 km/h and 10% of incline, calories are burnt up to 5 times faster in comparison with a conventional, 1-hour training on the treadmill. The research on a group of 200 people also indicated a substantial improvement of metabolism after only 10 sessions in the VacuFit capsule. 183 from 200 examinated people observed improvement in condition of skin after 4 sessions. After starting a set of 20 sessions, body measurements (a group of 200 people) of a problem areas of the body (circumference of waist, hips, thighs, calves and ankles) were made. A comparison of a “before and after” results proven remarkable effectiveness in reducing weight and fat burning. 178 people recorded a loss in body circumference above 12cm. Research on a alternative group of 200 people in the age of 25-45 years indicated, that during 30-minute training on an elliptical closed inside the VacuFit capsule with a 65-unit resistance, adiposal tissue is being burnt 8 times faster. The comparison of body circumference before starting the set of 15 session with the “after” results indicated a loss of body circumference even up to 16cm. 194 from 200 examined people noticed an improvement in the firmness of skin after only 3 sessions on an elliptical closed inside VacuFit capsule.

Activity Calories burnt during 1 hour
Walking 140
Swimming (400m/h) 300
Dancing 350
Fast Walking (6km/h) 370
Tennis 420
Cycling (30km/h) 500
Squash 690
Vacu Fit Ellegance 2350

As the results of researches carried through show, burning calories during training in VacuFit capsule is substantially higher than during conventional training. Owing to improved metabolism, employment of drastic diets, causing bad mood, limpness, and a lack of concentration is not required. The health assessment of 200 examinated people before and after a set of 20 sessions did not indicate negative effects of exercising in underpressure on health and comfort of examinated people.

Marzena Rojek
Medical University of Silesia Graduate

How doe IR influence human body?

Infra radiation (infrared – IR) is a part of solar spectrum and constitutes about 44% of it. IR is commonly used in physiotherapy, plastic surgery, orthopedics, rehabilitation and sports medicine. Positive effect of IR has been scientifically proved in multiply researches conveyed by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).At the moment, medicine is aimed not only at curing diseases, but also to prevent whole body from them.The IR effect strengthens and activates regenerative mechanisms in the human body.It triggers thermal activities in organic tissue by increasing body temperature and level of perspiration. It also has pro-health and bio stimulating effect.

How does IR infulence human body? – read the medical research