Lose weight at holiday season

28 November 2016, Comments 0

Lose weight at holiday season

Majority of people, of us, have been struggling with their weight loss and fighting for a successful weight loss at least once in their life. The reality is that “once in life” changes for at least once in year. The occasions and reasons for it are countless. Speaking of which, one of the biggest ones is just around the corner and is wrecking head to many of us – Christmas.

Rich Christmas

The most joyful feast that despite of its charm causes us many troubles, costs us lots of money, we look forward to it, although it keeps us stressed. We are dedicating so many thoughts and time to the preparations and planning, just so everything would work out just great. What some can spend even months on, we really are talking about 3 days of celebrating. 3 days… That is all. After that we all relax little more and try to enjoy few days off until the New Year starts.

And this time, right there, is the time when we look back, and most importantly look at ourselves, our bodies. What has it all caused us? Days, weeks of stress, Christmas parties, Christmas dinners, post Christmas dinners, family gathering, etc. Just a few days brought up unwanted pounds by pounds. And now it is time to look at what damage it caused.

Different tastes

There are various types of customers that walk into the studio every day. There are those who seek a place with the personal attitude (personal trainer, private consultations, assisted machines), those who are just curious enough and like to try new things (revolutionary slimming technology), those who need that extra kick to start them up. Mostly is those who are desperate to lose weight, when nothing has worked for them, they think it is already too late but they are willing to give it another (perhaps last) try and/or those whose weight has gone to such a state when it is actually life threatening.

Lose weight, join gym

There are also seasons by which we follow. The crucial moment, the Christmas time, give people this massive headboard to their heads. It is blinking, with the big red light saying: “Join the GYM!” Women are getting gym gift vouchers from theirs partners (as a very thoughtful Christmas present, not offensive at all) or they just ran to the nearest gym as the first thing after New Year party is over, so incredibly faithful to their new years resolution. The gyms are packed with people who need to shred those awful pounds (all due to 3-day feast). As the time goes, only the dedicated ones stay, but the rest slowly but surly are finding the reasons why not to go (it is cold, it is late, it is not for me, exercise hurts my body, etc.).

Up until March/April comes, the weather clears up and with longer days we start thinking of an upcoming summer. Summer… Summer holiday… Beach… Bikini… Bikini body… “Oh, dear! How did I end up gaining extra zillion pounds since the last summer???”

And just because the gym did not work for me (maybe because I was there only twice in 4 months) or I didn’t know what to do there, the next step will be to start looking for something alternative, something that promises to help me and guide me how to lose weight personally, the machinery is meant to be effective and trustful.


Slimline Studio – revolutionary weight loss

This is the season when Slimline Studio come handy and is packed with hopeful people that wish to lose all the weight in two weeks (what they have been working so hard on for months!) just so they can feel great and confident again.

No matter what type of a customer walks through our door, at whatever season, remember, we are fully prepared to help and advice on weight loss problems, toning, nutrition and more.

PS: Maybe a little hint from us. Yes, we ALL give our bodies a little break during Christmas time and indulge all the festive foods- BUT don’t let it go too far. Try to stay active as long as you can before holiday. It will help you to relieve the stress; post-workout endorphins will be your stress relief drug. And during the holiday make an effort for some extra activity. E.g. walk to your nearest friend’s house you are visiting, don’t take a car, go for a walk, take your family to the nearest park, and walk to the shop… And most importantly, don’t let it go too far after Christmas. Yes, the days are still dull and dark, and it’s too cold but the more effort you put into your body the better results you’ll see.

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