Weight Loss a.k.a FAT winter

7 November 2016, Comments 0

Are you struggling to lose weight during winter?

Do you ever get this feeling that throughout the whole year we put all our energy into looking at our best, become fit, stay well, lose weight All the effort and struggle for one aim… We seek the opportunity to sin in food and exercise. We cannot wait for the upcoming parties, bithdays, Christmas (or just Friday night). And we all know there are many reasons to celebrate at this time of a year.

But do you know that even the year season has its own blame too? We tend to eat more, reach out for fatty foods, stay out of the gyms, just because it`s winter (or the days just got little bit colder in August).

Here`s the news! „It`s going to get ridiculously cold this weekend“ How depressing? So what does it mean for lose weight? I am going to go to work while it`s still dark and when I finally get home from work, guess what? Yep, it`s dark again! There is no remaining energy to cook – take-away would do just fine! I feel so tired all day, so after all day hassle to stay alive, how am I supposed to get my buttocks to the gym, right?


What’s behind weight loss/keeping the weight during winter?

As it normally goes there is always someone/something to blame… EVOLUTION or if it makes you feel better it is your GENES! Yes, that`s right. Throughout thousands of years a man had to survive the most difficult time, when he couldn`t hunt, he had to stay alive in the cold (not Irish cold, but freezing cold). He prioritized foods rich in fats for that.

Our ancestors also had to rest more during the winter. There was no work on the fields, they laid down to bed earlier and gathered the strength for later. Unlike us who are constantly on the go, full power mode on, winter – no winter. We don`t give our body a rest as it needs and so logically it craves more energy.

Stay active

Days are getting shorter and with less daylight our bodies tend to suffer even more. For instance, with the light reduction there is also a smaller production of serotonin (a „happiness“ hormone, causing us a good mood, optimisms, courage, also suppressing our appetite). Our system would like us to slow down as the evolution dictates, but instead we create more pressure which we try to resolve with overeating. And there comes a constant weight loss problem.

What are the most common tools for keeping the balance: aj keď tento odstavec by som najradšej vynechala

  • lose weight at the gym
  • lose weight in the park
  • eat healthy food
  • run run run

So now we know who/what to blame, we might fell less quilty but what do we do with that?

We suggest, stay active, eat well, balanced diet, get as much sunlight as you possibly can and add some vitamin D3 on top of it (just because you can`t drink hot whiskey every day!).

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