Price List



File & Polish                                   €10 (20min)
For the busy girl, we’ll have you in and out and looking great in no time at all!

Cutie – calls                                   €16 (30min)
Soak, file, buff, cuticle work and polish – Perfect looking nails for any occasion in the blink of an eye.

We strongly recommend having cuticle work done if your cuticles are overgrown, ragged or uncared for as it will ensure a longer lasting and better finish to polish or Shellac.

Relaxation moment manicure         €22 (40min)
Soak, file, buff, cuticle work, massage and polish – Give your hands a luxury revive
Hand soak in a mineral-rich blend of Dead Sea Salts, California Sea Salts, and Epsom Salts that soothes softens the skin. This manicure hydrates skin deeply, soothing and improving skin texture. Products contain Shea butter and plum oil. Hands are treated and massaged with harmonizing butter with scent of Italian Mandarin that uplifts the mind and invigorates the body.

The Golden manicure                  €28 (50min)
Soak, file, buff, cuticle work, exfoliating, massage and polish – A five star relax for hand and mind
Room is fragranced with the mist infused Chinese jasmine which refreshes the environment and leaves a soft oriental fragrance. For exfoliating we use Sugar scrub with Organic Sugar-Crystals that loosen and lift dead cells while exfoliating the skin. Hands are then treated with a unique blend of bath salt and soak tonic. Soak tonic is Fair Trade Organically harvested plant extracts that contains Chamomile, Hibiscus, and Ginger that leaves your hands feeling silky. This manicure includes invigorating warm hand massage with infinitely loving soy candle. Soy candle is a complex of soy oil, coconut oil and apricot oil that deeply conditions and refines dry skin.

Ginger paradise                               €34 (75min)
Soak, file, buff, cuticle work, exfoliating, mask, massage and polish – Give your hands the ultimate luxury pampering treatment
Treatment includes Instinctual sand scrub  followed by an application of Red Clay mask that is infused with Organic Ginger Root to firm and moisturise. The Mask also promotes removing impurities from the skin. The application of a warm glove treatment increases circulation, decreases pain and softens the tissue. Hands are then massaged with Instinctual body oil that features Organic Sesame Seed, Soy, Olive, Safflower and Jojoba Oils that moisturise, condition, and soften the skin. A luxury infused ginger mist and fragranced Instinctual soy candle is used throughout the treatment.

Gentleman’s manicure                  €20 (40min)
Soak, file, cuticle work, exfoliating, massage and healing cuticle oil
Treatment includes nail grooming, cleansing , cuticle work and gentle hydration of hand skin. Quick and easy way to have healthy nails and hands for that business meeting, hot date or anytime!

Restorative work                             €20 (45min)
Remove gel, cuticle work and strengthening treatment
Properly remove your enhancements without damaging your natural nails , tidy up your cuticles and use protein base coat or another strengthening treatment.


Mini pedicure                                    €13 (30min)
File and polish

Pedicure classic                                 €24 (40min)
File, cuticle work and polish

Pedicure delux                                   €45 (50min)
File, cuticle work , remove hard skin , massage and polish

Highly recommended! You are seated in a soft leather pedicure chair specially designed for a dry pedicure. We are using a special electric smoothing file to clean your cuticles, file your nails and to remove hard skin. Your Pedicure is finished with a massage of Shea butter and aloe vera to leave soft and beautiful feet.

Other treatments

Vinylux 7 day polish

File & polish                                        €14(20min)
French extra                                        €4


Shellac colour                                     €35 (45min)
Shellac French                                    €39 (45min)
Removal only                                       €8 (20min)
Single nail repair                                 €3 (15min)
Polish with any manicures add    €15

Enhancement gel

Full set natural finish                        €40 (90min)
Full set French or colour                  €45 (90min)
Refill natural finish                            €33 (90min)
Refill French or colour                     €37 (90min)