Diet Consultation

Standard Food Diet Consultation

Professional and custom-made consultation about your eating habits and how to change them in order to achieve and maintain healthy weight loss and gain a healthy lifestyle for life. Consultations consist of:

Step 1: Every consultation starts with InBody Measurement to get information about your body composition, metabolism and calorie intake recommendation. These exact results are an entry to your diet plan. Any diet plan cannot be done properly without your personal details. Every single human body has different requirements based on age, gender, lifestyle, type of work (sedentary or active), health condition, etc.

Step 2: Your task is to fill out the form that you will receive and describe your food and liquid intake in detail, including supplements or any other medications taken (high/low blood pressure, thyroid problem, etc) and your daily activity routine sheet.

Step 3: Set up your first appointment at Slimline Studio where we will discuss your new diet plan and set the goal you want to achieve. Full consultation lasts approximately 6 hours which is normally divided into three 2 hour long consultations.

Topics learnt in the 1st consultation: (lasting up to 2 hours)

  • Function of metabolism
  • Description of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, Minerals, Vitamins and their function on human body (including Fiber requirements and Salt intake)
  • Food Label reading (to be aware of what you are eating regardless the attractive marketing package)
  • Glycemic Index
  • Blood sugar
  • Sweeteners, etc.

Topics learnt in 2nd consultation: (lasting app.2 hours)

  • Breakfast
  • 1st Snack
  • Lunch (discussion about what, when and why to eat)

Topics learnt in 3rd consultation: (lasting app.2 hours)

  • 2nd Snack
  • Dinner
  • Pre- and post-exercise meals

Step 4: At your last appointment we will check how you are getting on with the new plan, make necessary changes and recommendations for the future.
We guarantee your desired results by following our Standard diet plan for €199.

Full Food Diet Consultation

On top of your Standard Food diet Consultation you also receive a professional Calorie Counted diet plan, tailored to your needs and requirements (weight loss or weight gain).

There is also a 30min personal presentation included in the price for home effective exercise for certain areas of your choice (bottoms, inner thighs, abdominal, etc.), plus 24/7  professional online suppoort.

Price for this Full Diet Plan that will change your life to good is €249.

Special offer for couples/two friends -10%.