I am sitting in the reception area of the Slimline Studio as I write to give you the crispiest news possible 🙂
1* For the staff: Ask for Monika! She is the sweetest person I have met in long time. Maybe the fact she is pregnant to her ears makes her so sweet or maybe she is natutally motherly 😀
1* For the price list: Let’s focus on the Teeth Whitening here. Basically 1 session covers 3 times 10 minutes for those who never had this done before and who are not overly sensitive. For those like me who are not sensitive and who want the full hollywood smile, the session covers 4 times 10 minutes. For the same price : 34 euros.
1* For the result: At first I thought I misheard. 34 euros for 40 minutes and a visible result at the end of the session, I was thinking ‘ok that’s not possible but I will give it a try because I have a good contact with Monika and that’s a good sign hopefuly’. She took care of me from start to finish, always making sure I am comfortable and everything goes as she explained. After the session I looked in the mirror and wow I was blown away! I really did see a difference 😀 And she added that the full effect would show the next day! Which happened! #speechless
1* For the protocole: She explained it all from scratch. You basically lay down warm and have to do nothing 🙂 She then applies a gel on the gum at the base of the teeth to protect for the active whitening product to not get in contact with the gum. She puts a uv light over the mouth to harden the gel. Only after does she apply the whitening product. She put the uv light again over the mouth and you wait for 10 minutes. She then removes the product from your teeth and applies another coat. And then again 10 minutes. At the end of the 3 or 4 times, she removes everything and you only have to rince off your mouth. The result is astonishing! And I am an honest critic believe me!
1* For the experience: I was welcomed and treated like a special customer even if I was a new customer. I recommend highly this Teeth Whitening treatment, so worth it !
Note to self: Please do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours. After that please do not eat or drink anything that could potentially stain your teeth! Wait until the next day. Also, I would recommend to take some paracetamol after the treatment – after 2 hours – to prevent any sensitivity.

Galadrielle H., Dublin

Receptionist very friendly and helpful. Studio very relaxing and nice laid back vibe.

Caroline V., Dublin

Really felt relaxed and comfortable in their establishment. The staff were lovely and very accommodating. The facilities are excellent and their entrance is rather deceptive. It is a large, well laid out venue, with beautifully decorated rooms, lots of equipment and always someone on hand to check in and offer advice and support. Will definitely be returning to avail of other services, including the training and nutrition guidance.

Anonymus, Dublin

Nice place. Nice people working there! I definitely recommend!!!

Raquel S., Dublin

Ahojte zlaticka ! I just wanna say Thank u for everything u both do all the time for my comfort and happiness 🙂 I really enjoyed sauna blanket last nite and can highly recommend it to everyone ! My myscles re so so relax now… looking forward for next week !!! Dakujeeem vam moji krasni:-* Mam vas rada
Dominika B., Dublin

I signed up for 15 sessions of vacufit which included 100 mins of rollen/vibroplate. I’ve just signed up for another set of 15. I started around 6 December and the results have been unbelievable. I’ve lost a stone in less than 2 months but more importantly I lost inches all over and dropped a dress size at Christmas. I have gone to gyms over the years and have not got anywhere near these sort of results in a short time. My legs are also looking alot smoother which I’m very happy about. Monika and Peter are lovely and they really care about you getting great results and will help anyway they can. You can ask them questions any time or check a food item with them. The biggest difference for me between Slimline Studio and a gym is the nutrition advice. They get you to do a food diary, they have a look at it and then sit you down and go through it with you and suggest where you could swap a food item for a better alternative. Monika suggested I swap having dinner in the evening to lunchtime and it really does work. It really doesnt compare to a gym, it is so much better than that and I’ve never experienced the sort of support you get here in any gym I have gone to over the years. The worst thing is that I had to go clothes shopping because none of my clothes fit me anymore! Cant wait until I drop another dress size, I’ll have to go shopping again then 🙂
Ger McG., Dublin

Hi I bought a voucher for 5 session of lymphatic drainage, Slimline studio staff were so friendly and explained process in details, lovely modern salon (don’t be offput by surrounding street entrance!) and extremely comfortable. I had no problem booking an apt and staff accomodated time to suit me-not like many some businesses offering similar offers! I look forward to return visits to complete treatment and will continue to use the salon.
Deirdre W., Dublin

Would highly recommend Slimline studio. The equipment and treatments are fantastic and you are guaranteed to see results.
Josephine F., Dublin

Loved the staff – very friendly and attentive guys. The studio is well located, clean and has a range of services suited to different needs. Thanks!
Anna R., Dublin

Step by step encouragement and friendliness of staff.
Helena C., Dublin

The service is excellent, the staff are so well informed, and they are constantly recommending other new ways to shed more weight. The technology is totally up to the minute, and there is a lovely atmosphere. I wish I lived nearer!!
Claire P., France

Slimline studio has helped me review my attitude to my health and life in general. Due to the friendly management it’s a pleasure to go in and the support and level of care received is second to none.
Katia V., Dublin

Its a pleasure to get to know you guys. Helps me more in my weight loss and tone up battle. The service and attitude and openess is the best I had in my few years between gyms, beauty saloons and weightloss programmes. Keep it going guys.
Carmen M., Dublin

It was different but enjoyable and relaxing. Going back in two weeks for round two. I lost 2cm (Cavitation treatment; SS)
Carol B., Dublin