VacuFit Elegance – treadmill with vacuum

Vacu Fit Elegance is a revolutionary device that has been developed to achieve a loss of inches on problem areas such as abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. With the VacuFit machine you can achieve visible results without strenuous exercise and without any diets. Moreover, you also save time. During a 30 minute walk on a treadmill with the lower part of the body located in low-pressure cabin, you burn 50% more kilojoules than without vacuum and begin to burn fat in a much shorter time.

VacuFit is:

  • Quicker way of burning fat on the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs
  • Effective against cellulite, skin is smoother and softer
  • Effective exercise and body shaping without JOJO effect
  • Better transfer of metabolic products through the lymphatic system
  • Visible success after 10 applications of 30 minutes
In order to get rid off fat on desired parts of your body, two conditions must be followed:
  1. Fat is being burnt at the right heart rate (which is normally 120-140 beats per second)
  2. Fat is being burnt by sufficient blood circulation in fat reserves

Vacu FitElegance is a unique technology that works with vacuum and helps you to fulfill both of the main points.

VacuFit Elliptical Dual

stepper with the most advanced technology : 3in1 Beauty System!

This system combines infrared heating, underpressure and rejuvenates collagen lamps in one device!

VACUFIT ELLIPTICAL DUAL is the first device of its kind in Ireland and Slimline Studio is happy to introduce this machine to Irish market and to you. This device allows your body to clean from toxins and excess fat.

Our customer can choose from two options: vacuum (which has been introduced by VacuFit Elegance) or infrared heating while exercising on a stepper.

Using IR option helps you cleanse the skin and subcutaneous skin tissue of toxins and thus becoming more flexible and healthier. Expands blood vessels are resulting in improved blood flow and better oxygenation of the blood. The advantage is also a security of application, which confirms the fact that infrared rays imitates the energy very similar to solar heat that is also used in other regenerative and healing processes of the organism.

The penetration depth of up to 4 cm
Wash out excess water, toxins and fat (20%)
Significant blood flow and blood oxygenation

EFFECTS exercises:

  • Eliminate Cellulite
  • Reduction of fat
  • Shaping of body
  • Loss of weight and inches


  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Thrombotic acute pain
  • Cancers and tumors
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Severe migraine
  • Heart disease and vascular disease
  • Hormonal stimulation of pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Implanted metal parts
  • Non healed surgical wounds after operations
  • Hernia
  • Discopathy
  • Acute phlebitis
  • Corneal dissection
  • Knee or/and hip prosthesis
  • Implanted cardiac simulator